Due to the Covid-19 protocols set forth by our Governor, Mr. Mike Dewine, the inspection for Cherp Home Inspections will have new protocols till the “stay at home” parameters are lifted. Please keep others safety in mind. Although, I encourage the buyers to show, this is not the time to bring your parents, kids, friends and other family members with you. This is not a showing, rather an inspection. You are paying me to evaluate the home and I cannot do my job to the best of my abilities if I am concerned with others safety and the homes security. Remember, I am a guest in the sellers home and I have to respect that boundary. If you wish to attend, please attend 30 minutes after the start time that was scheduled. This will give you time with the home and allow me to finish my process. These parameters are set for the inspector, owner, seller, agent and buyer safety. 


          If you are the seller, it is understood that you may not be able to leave your home and the inspection will go as scheduled. A great attempt to keep a 6-foot distance between the owner, tenant, etc. will be observed.

          During the inspection of the interior of the home, Tony will be wearing gloves and a respirator during the inspection to assure that all areas of the home stay in the home. It is of the upmost importance to keep all parties safe as we try to move forward in the real estate process. Tony is also equipped to sanitize anything that may have been compromised in the inspection.

          If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Tony. Thank you and lets all do what we can to keep our planet safe.