In this market, the option for buy a foreclosed and bank owned homes are higher than ever.  These homes are abundant due to many different circumstances.  These homes are a great opportunity if you know what it is that you are buying.  A home inspection is necessary before the purchase of these types of homes. When homes go into foreclosure, in most cases the financial burden goes to the bank.  The bank has not lived in the home, therefore there are no disclosures for the home.  Not knowing the history of the home can be a liability, and you may be buying the home with your "eyes closed."

      If you decide to "save money" and defer on the home inspection, certain questions may not be answered that will be beneficial in your purchase.  Is that insect damage or moisture rot?  Is the inside of the electrical panel in good condition?  How old is the roof and how many layers?  How old is the furnace?  These are some questions that I can answer for you and help you "open your eyes" before your purchase.


      I carry specialized tools that help me see things that a normal person does not own.  Moisture meters, scopes, gas and CO detectors and other measuring devices.  These tools help me understand what is on the inside of the home that you will not be able to see.  With these tools, I can determine if there is any hidden problems lurking around the corner.

      Most of these homes have been vacant for a period of time.  During this shut off time, many components will deteriorate; especially the plumbing.  Frozen pipes and leaking seals are the most common problems seen.  Can you repair the component or does the component need replaced?  I will be able to answer this and all other questions that you may have.

      As a certified inspector, I understand the clues that a house gives and will be able to determine a major problem from a minor issue.  I will go to the attic and crawlspaces as these are the areas that show the bones of the home.  Some inspectors do not enter these areas any more as these are potential hazardous areas.  Unless I cannot fit or is not safe (wild animals, structure or standing water), I'm going in.  Allow me to do the dirty work so you don't have to.

      Whoever the previous owner is, I recommend that you contact me to look into the home and give you the best interpretation of the history of the home and make a home owner's manual for you to follow.  Along with the tools, I have specialized knowledge to help you understand all areas of the home.  I do this everyday and by hiring me, you will be making one of the best decisions in the purchase of a foreclosed home.

      Be sure that you have your "eyes opened" when you buy a foreclosed home.  Hopefully the list of things to repair are minimal and only small repairs are needed before you make the home your own.  Otherwise, an organized list of repairs, comments with maintenance schedule and tips will be included in the inspection.


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Your home inspector,

Tony Cherpeski

Cherp Home Inspections