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Your offer has been accepted, now inspections take place. 

Below are some answers to frequently asked questions, and some information to keep in mind  for your upcoming inspection.

How long does an inspection take?

The information gathering process takes about an hour to 90 minutes.  I do not complete the report on site as this would take more than 3 hours to complete.  You will receive the report the next day by the 8:00 hour.   The sellers, agents and your time is very important to me so I do not expect the sellers to cavate their home for these long periods. Sellers may have pets, children or be elderly that need to be home. If you plan on attending then please be there within the hour so I can keep my schedule on time and owners can return in a timely manner.

Can I invite contractors?

Please don’t.  Pretty please with sugar on top, do not invite your contractor.  This is not the time to get quotes on renovations.  Besides, I am authorized to do a service for you and I am responsible for the home.  I cannot count on others to be mindful of the property. It brings up liability issues on my part.  If you want to get quotes, the contractor can schedule a time just like I did.  

What is the attendance policy?

I encourage you to attend toward the end of the inspection.  This is an exciting / nervous time and many questions may need to be answered.  Keep in mind, you hired me to do a job and if I’m interrupted multiple times, I may overlook something.  Giving me a head start ensures I can go through my checklist and be able to answer any questions you may have.  If you cannot make the inspection time frame, don’t worry.  The report is very informative and inclusive.  It is not just a pass / fail report.  Dates of manufacture and other information is provided in the report. 

Can I invite family and friends?

Not preferred.  Dad wants the best for you as well as I.  Unless they are attending the representative for you, it is not recommended to invite them.  Small children pose a threat to safety.  I will be running water, turning things on such as ovens and dryers, ladders will be out, and registers and cover panels may / will be uncovered plus my tools and computers will be accessible.  It is not a safe environment for an active toddler.  If you want the best inspection possible, just the buyers and agent are invited. 

     After doing real estate transactions for almost 20 years I have been in many situations that made my job easy and difficult.  My job is to look into the home and check for function and condition.  The inspection is a discovery and document process.  This is not a code compliant check, but rather an all systems check.  If you investigate the process per state requirement, you will note that it is pretty minimum.  The inspector is required to check a representation number windows, doors, outlets.  I assure you, I will check every one of these items if they are accessible.  It does not make sense to check one on each floor, etc.  As long as I can get to it, it will be checked. 

     Now, the home you are buying may be occupied and I have to respect the furnishings of the owner.  Imagine if a stranger came in to your home and started disassembling, moving and disturbing items in your home.  Pretty sure you would be upset.  This is a decision I have to make on the fly, if I can safely move cabinets, furniture and pictures to get to electrical panels, access panels or questionable areas, I will.    

     The other factor is safety.  Safety is the first priority for you and I.  If I feel a situation is not safe, I will not access crawlspaces, attics or other areas.  There have been some homes that I did not feel comfortable entering and even had a tenant threaten if entered.  These are extreme cases, however like the Farmers Insurance commercial, I only say it because if seen it.  Here’ s the bottom line, if I feel like it is safe, I’m going to access those areas.  There are modern regulations on access areas, however a house built in 1900 will not have a 20 x 24 access for the garage or 24 x 32 for the crawlspace.

     In conclusion, please understand that I am responsible for this home and need to leave the home EXACTLY the way I entered.  Please respect any decision I need to make for the home. Thank you and I look forward to be of service to you.

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