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The bitterness of a cheap service lasts longer than the sweetness of a cheap price.

Cherp Home Inspections is a local, family-owned home inspection company that has been providing the highest high-quality, professional services since 2004!

What Separates Me from the Others


I am a NACHI member since 2004 and am a licensed inspector for the state of Ohio.  My efficiency and the personal touch I provide is second to none.  My report is not the "cookie cutter" inspection that all other inspectors use.  Every home is different as should the inspection be.  You can not inspect a home built in 1850 the same as a new construction home.  Each inspection is exclusive to the home and specialized for that particular home.  I schedule inspections so that you can be present for the results and a walk through if desired.  The digital pictures are shown at this time so that you can see EXACTLY what I see.  My inspection includes more than the defects and damage, it also includes location, condition and size of specific areas.  I bring chairs and I am a mobile hot spot; the inspection takes approximately 1 1/2 hours and I want you to be as comfortable as possible.  I typically schedule two a day but no more than three.  This means I am never in a hurry and will be available for you with any questions or concerns you may have.

All Areas of the Home are Inspected

 Unless the area is locked and no key is provided; I will enter the area; crawlspaces, attic, and any other space will be entered; even if the entrance is sealed or blocked, I will do all I can to get to those spaces as they show the "bones of the home" and need to be visually inspected to be sure they are not altered and installed correctly.

What is the Charge?

Home inspections vary in price.  Some inspectors are very inexpensive but do not offer a whole lot of service to you.  While others are much more expensive than the others.  With the information that I have to offer you'll know you spent "smart money" for the future.  For a full inspection of a standard single family home up to 2800 square feet, I charge $475.00.  This includes a termite inspection and certification, mold assessment, digital pictures, maintenance schedule,  directions on how to upkeep the home, and most importantly, peace of mind that you will have all the information available on your future home.  Is it the cheapest inspection that your looking for or the best inspection available?

Payments Accepted and When

   I accept cash, personal checks, electronic check, Venmo, Zelle, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER.  Payment is preferred at the time of inspection; however arrangements can be made to invoice or even pay at the closing.

Schedule your home inspection today!

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