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Don't settle for a cookie cutter inspection, get a CHERP INSPECTION!


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Getting your future home inspected is an important step that needs to be taken and should be performed by a professional.  While you have looked at several homes and many things can begin to look the same; such as size of the rooms, street noise, kitchen layout, color, shape, and general feeling for the home.  However, a trained certified professional looks beyond the charm or aesthetics of the home and straight to the function ability, longevity, structure integrity, and past history of the home.  A visual and functional inspection will be performed for you to ensure that no hidden surprises are present.  I understand that you are investing a large amount of money and the intention is not to take someone else's headache for you to find the cure.  I use advanced tools such as gas detectors, multi meters, CO detectors, moisture meters, infrared thermometers and other high tech tools to find any defect that may be hidden.  These tools help me find the source of the problem so repairs can be made at identified areas.  You will have full confidence in my service that I can provide the full picture of the home.

The report will consist of four parts:


Narrative Report

A summary listing the condition of the home a time of inspection and all deficiencies that need to be corrected.



A 250 point, 21 page checklist that compromises of all systems tested and any notes that were made at time of the inspection.  These notes can be about habitable problems or items that are wearing and need to be checked regularly.



Digital pictures are taken and developed on a laptop to discuss the severity of the deficiency, and what kind of actions need to be taken and who can do repairs to them.


Maintenance List

A maintenance list is included that is separated in seasons so that you can maintain your home efficiently over a weekend. I also include directions on how to execute the maintenance list.

My main objective is to give you the most information possible about your future home or investment.  Schedule an inspection today and know that you made a wise decision by allowing me to inspect your home.  Anyone can tell you what is wrong with the house, it takes a professional to show you how to correct it and show you how to maintain your home.  Thanks for visiting Cherp Home Inspections, I look forward to serving you!

White Two-story Home

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