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   Testimonials are a great way for you to give a personal opinion on my service.  I welcome the feedback and need it to better understand what you as the customer think and feel about the service I provide.  Below are a few of the testimonials I have received.  Contact me today to schedule the best home inspection in the area.

Jim Verlander

"Tony was great to work with. He was professional and thorough. I felt like I knew the house 10 times better and he patiently walked me through everything he saw, both big and small. I'd recommend him to anyone in need of a home inspection."

Donna P.

"Thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did for us. As I mentioned before, we didn't have any reports from any acquaintances that home inspectors would provide a valuable service due to their bad experiences with inspectors that  would only glance at items and then provided bad information. You definitely restored our faith in at least one home inspector now. Your reporting methods are great!"

Abbey Busse

"Tony was courteous, knowledgeable, and very thorough!"

Carrie Hurley

"Tony is the best around. He knows what he's doing, is timely and professional. Every chance I get, I recommend him. He is so knowledgeable!"

Danielle Sampson

"Tony was recommended to us by our realtor. We were blown away by how professional Tony is. He is extremely knowledgeable about homes and was so helpful in telling us how to care for our home. The inspection was very thorough and he even did a home visit to inspect our home after the seller made repairs at no cost! He was very friendly and sent our inspection report within 12 hours of the initial inspection. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who needs their home inspected!"

Candance S.

"Since moving back to Ohio 3 years ago, I’ve used Tony on 3 separate home purchases. One of which I walked away from because there were so many problems. He saved me from a lot of headaches and buying a lemon of a home! He is very thorough, knowledgeable and helpful with any questions. I highly recommend him to all my military friends, you should use him too!"

Emily Turner

"Tony is very thorough and detailed! Would recommend him to anyone!! Great experience!"

Matt Phillips

"Highly recommended. Tony took the time to retrace his steps, discuss what he was seeing, and add tips/advice on every issue, big or small. His knowledge is very apparent and all encompassing, and he did a great job conveying this to us! Absolutely worth considering!"

Jessica Lewe

"Tony is a true professional. As a first time home buyer I had a lot of questions about the home and the inspection process. Tony was patient and provided thorough, yet easy to understand explanations for every question. I felt like we were in great hands with Tony! Highly recommend!"

Dorinda & Demetrius B.

"Friendly, professional, and authentic service provided. We liked the professional final presentation."

Michael Morefieki

"Highly recommend! Tony is awesome! I have used him Every time I purchase a home! Now that I'm a Realtor myself, I recommend him to clients! He is very thorough and writes detailed reports. I have seen other inspection reports and it's rare you find inspectors as good as him!"

Julie Boone

"Not only was he overly thorough in inspecting every important bit, he was attentive to our individual concerns and explained both negative and positive findings. Removed shoes before walking on carpets and didn't leave any messes, very happy with his inspection. Would recommend to friends and family."

Suburban House

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